Made by Hauser - quality and service - for life

Max Hauser Süddeutsche Chirurgie-Mechanik GmbH is a modern, international company specializing in the manufacture of surgical instruments. The work of our experienced surgery technicians is characterized by solid craftsmanship and the sound understanding and application of modern technologies and high-quality materials. Our training program for surgery technicians is recognized by the Chamber of Crafts in Constance.

Hauser's expertise in the development and manufacture of surgical instruments dates back to the founding of the company in 1921 and has enjoyed the trust and confidence of our customers for several decades now. Today we are one of the leading OEM specialists in the manufacture of instruments for heart surgery and neuro surgery.

We oversee our customer's ideas from the initial outline through to series production and guarantee the value and precision of every single instrument that leaves our facility.

Quality admits no compromise - we are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485